Getting to Hungary, Part I

Considering the fact that I haven’t been on a plane since I was 14, and that I’ve never been abroad (let alone gotten there by myself), I would say everything has been going pretty well. I’m preparing to board the plane in a few minutes- I’ll be using Air France for the entirety of the trip. Unfortunately I won’t be able to head into Paris, but I will pass through it on the way to Budapest. All in all, I still find this pretty exciting (the screenwriter of the 1955 film ‘Sabrina’ might disagree wit me, though).

Last week I interviewed Matt Allar, the designer for Don Giovanni, but unfortunately the video wasn’t working. However, the insights he had into working on a production in Europe were useful. I think the biggest difference will be how I as an American will approach the work. Matt described the Hungarian approach to tackling a production as ratcheted (or stair-stepped), meaning that everything gets done but the path is not always straight. Sometimes one will jump between what was ‘completed’ and what still must be done.

Regardless, I’m excited for what Hungary has in store for me! Getting on the plane now, I’ll share more further down the line.